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Hua Hin Property dot org is not a real estate agent, our mission is to bring you news and unbiased information on the more reputable new housing and condominium property developments in Hua Hin.

We are an organization that cares about quality so we will only be featuring property developments of the highest standard. You are welcome to contact us if you require more information on any Hua Hin housing development featured on Hua Hin Property dot org.

Hua Hin Property discussion from the Hua Hin Property Forum:

Hua Hin property developments
Over the past three years the number of housing developments in Hua Hin has simply sky rocketed, it seems that new ones are appearing every week. Finding a property amongst all of these new developments can become a minefield if you don't know what to look for and what to look out for. Pick any road heading west from Hua Hin and you will be inundated with sign posts advertising new Hua Hin housing projects and property developments.

hua hin housing projects« Vast swathes of Hua Hin hinterland have been cleared over the past few years to make way for countless new houses and villages. Many have sold out and have started phase 2 and 3 developments, many have not been completed and remain under construction. Hua Hin remains to be one of the most desirable places for a second home in Thailand.


property mapHua Hin property map
We also have the first online interactive housing development map whereby you can select a zone around Hua Hin for more information on that area and the developments in it.

We have divided the town into property zones as many people are unaware of the location of developments in relation to Hua Hin town center. Each zone will have its own closeup map of the developments there and listings of each one. Our featured developments will have their own page with descriptions of the house types, facilities, layout plans and prices.

Take a look at the Hua Hin Developments Map
Many of the featured property developments are also listed on the new Hua Hin Map which offers satellite imagery of Hua Hin.

Hua Hin property new condominiums
Since the government clampdowns on foreign company shareholders last year two things have become more popular, leasing land and buying condomimiums as foreigners can own the freehold to them. A new condo can make a great property investment, holiday home or supplemental income source from rentals. Here are our latest and most popular Hua Hin condos:

Hua Hin Condo Tira Tiraa Centrally located from 1,500,000
Hua Hin Condo The Boathouse North Hua Hin condo complex from 2,500,000
Hua Hin Condo Tropical Ocean View North Hua Hin condo complex from 2,300,000
Hua Hin Condo Samudra Retreat Large North Hua Hin complex from 3,400,000

Hua Hin Property Development Quality Checklist
Before you buy ...
With the assistance of property and construction professionals we can publish this "wishlist" of items to check and look out for if considering the purchase of a property on a new development in Hua Hin:

  • Ask to see architects drawings, detailing structural items.
  • Ask to see the local authority building permit.
  • Ask to see the individual land title plot for your house, ie. has the main Chanote been ‘cut’ yet, it takes two months so should be done before show house is even finished.
  • Actually read the conditions in the contract. Get a lawyer to check it over, ask for changes if you're not happy with certain conditions.
  • Check the footings go down at least 1.5m through established earth (not newly built up earth), with at least a 1.2m square concrete padstone under the footing.
  • Ask how long has the infill earth been left before they started building?
  • Check they're using 12mm diameter reinforcing steelwork in the underground beam system and above ground columns and not a smaller size (some only use 9mm or 10mm).
  • Check the underground beam layout from the architects drawings to make sure that all walls are built off these beams and not off in-filled concrete.
  • Check they are using '3-phase electrics' with their own dedicated transformer, tapping into the higher located 11kv supply, rather than the lower single phase cables the whole area shares, which goes down often or is insufficient in certain areas.
  • Check they are installing an underground concrete drainage system going out of the project to the local drains or stream/river.
  • Check they are using concrete lintels above doors and windows and not just building bricks off the wood frames.
  • Check they are using grade "A" cement.
  • Check they are using fine sand (more expensive) for the rendered walls, no plastering here. Run your hand over the walls to see how lumpy/rough the rendering is.
  • Check they are using quality pool equipment, or the like, and not cheap Asian equipment.
  • Check they are using steel traps, flexible hoses, valves and fittings in the bathrooms, rather than plastic ones where the joints blow after about a year.
  • Check they are putting electric cables in conduits.
  • Check they are using the latest regulation 3-pin sockets and that they are grounding them to earth, ask to see the earth rods in the ground outside.
  • Look at the plasterboard ceilings and see if you can see the joints, you shouldn't be able too if they are quality tradesmen and "skim" properly.
  • Check the tiling to see if the tiles are even or if any corners are jutting out, just run your hand across them.
  • Look at the swimming pool water line against the tiles to see how good/straight their tiling is.
  • Do they use compacting machines to "pack" the earth down? If not forget it.
  • Check they put concrete access roads in.
  • If you want to know if they can build walls straight look at the cut tiles along a run of wall.

  • This list is just a guide to a few things to check for and consider when looking at different Hua Hin property developments. Naturally there will be more but we have provided this as a start. It also pays to speak to any other property buyers currently living on the development if it is part completed.

    Hua Hin property discussion
    Hua Hin property is a hot topic so it comes as no surprise that there is a busy property section on the Hua Hin forum. Login to discuss the pleasures and pitfalls of property in Hua Hin: Hua Hin Property Discussion.

    Hua Hin property listings

    There is a full range of Hua Hin property listings ranging from houses to land to condominiums to businesses here: Hua Hin Property. Here at Hua Hin Property dot org we only concentrate on new developments and condo projects in Hua Hin and the surrounding area.

    Hua Hin Property dot org recommends...
    If you are considering a new property in Hua Hin or have already purchased one we recommend the following local Hua Hin companies:

    Siam Old Teak : Environmentally Friendly Furniture. Being green is part of our philosophy. That’s why our construction process is designed to provide superior quality, whilst sustaining our forests. It all begins with the selection of wood. Large beams are reclaimed from older structures like homes, barns and warehouses throughout South East Asia. [ Siam Old Teak ]

    This website is still being developed so please bear with us and check back soon.
    We are constantly adding new Hua Hin housing project and development information.


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    Hua Hin Property agents and developers meet up to form an association in an effort to bring higher standards and ethics to the industry.

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